Visas and immigration


You’ve been naughty and have been banned from our server huh?

Oh Dear…

The good news for you is that most bans aren’t permanent, normally they expire after a few minutes/hours and you can get back on our server, hopefully you wont repeat your offence.

The Admin that banned you should have left a good reason in the ban message and should have ideally quoted you the rules you broke. (See our Rules page to check out what rule you broke)

If you have been Perm banned from either the game server, TeamSpeak, Discord or all of the above its ONLY the admin that banned you that can lift the ban. E.g If JJ Banned you only JJ can unban you.

If you feel you deserve a second chance you can submit an Unban Request. To do this please talk to one of our Team! Once again its down to the Admin that banned you initially to decide if you are unbanned.

Generally Speaking the team member should follow this user management matrix, BUT a staff member is allowed to skip steps if they feel its necessary

1Verbal Warning
2Second Warning
3Final Warning
4Kick From Server/Teamspeak
5Temp Ban From Server/Teamspeak
6Perm Ban
Abrams Abrams

19th November 2018